Isar Database

Isar Database

Super Fast Cross-Platform Database for Flutter

Let's Get Started!

💙 Made for Flutter

Minimal setup, Easy to use, no config, no boilerplate. Just add a few lines of code to get started.

🚀 Highly scalable

Store hundreds of thousands of records in a single NoSQL database and query them efficiently and asynchronously.

🍭 Feature-rich

Isar has a rich set of features to help you manage your data. Composite & multi-entry indexes, query modifiers, JSON support, and more.

🔎 Full-text search

Isar has built-in full-text search. Create a multi-entry index and search for records easily.

🧪 ACID semantics

Isar is ACID compliant and handles transactions automatically. It rolls back changes if an error occurs.

💃 Static typing

Isar's queries are statically typed and compile-time checked. No need to worry about runtime errors.

📱 Multiplatform

iOS, Android and Desktop support!

⏱ Asynchronous

Parallel query operations & multi-isolate support out-of-the-box

🦄 Open Source

Everything is open source and free forever!