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Type Converters

Isar only supports storing basic types like numbers and lists but you can use type converters to use other types like Enums with Isar.

Creating a TypeConverter#

Let's assume we want to store the following enum in Isar:

enum Relationship {

Writing a converter is easy, just map the enum to a supported type. For enums it is recommended to use the enum index for mapping.

class RelationshipConverter extends TypeConverter<Relationship, int> {
const RelationshipConverter(); // Converters need to have an empty const constructor
Relationship fromIsar(int relationshipIndex) {
return Relationship.values[relationshipIndex];
int toIsar(Relationship relationship) {
return relationship.index;

As you can see, just two methods are required. fromIsar() converts the database value to the Dart representation and toIsar() does the opposite.

Using a TypeConverter#

Once you created a type adapter, the hardest part is done. Using TypeAdapters is super easy. Just annotate the fields you want to convert and you're done.

class Person {
int? id;
late String name;
late Relationship relationship;

Now let's try to query all the people in our database that are married:

final marriedPersons = await isar.persons

There is only one very important thing to keep in mind: You may change the converter for an existing field but the database type MUST BE THE SAME. Otherwise the schema migration will fail.