As you know, Isar works on mobile devices and desktops running on the VM as well as Web. Both platforms are very different and have different limitations.

VM Limitations

  • Only the first 1024 bytes of a string can be used for a prefix where-clause
  • Objects can only be 16MB in size

Web Limitations

Because Isar Web relies on IndexedDB, there are more limitations, but they are barely noticeable while using Isar.

  • Synchronous methods are unsupported
  • Currently, Isar.splitWords() and .matches() filters are not yet implemented
  • Schema changes are not as tightly checked as in the VM so be careful to comply with the rules
  • All number types are stored as double (the only js number type) so @Size32 has no effect
  • Indexes are represented differently so hash indexes don't use less space (they still work the same)
  • col.delete() and col.deleteAll() work correctly but the return value is not correct
  • col.clear() do not reset the auto-increment value
  • NaN is not supported as a value